Setting up security measures is not as much fun as decorating your new home. Home security should be a top priority given the frequency of burglaries. Here are some easy security precautionary measures you can take as soon as you move into your home.

1. Make sure your doors and windows are secure

Most burglars gain access through the doors and windows of a home, so better not make it easier for them to walk right in trough. If your door features a mail slot, check to make sure someone cannot reach through it to unlock it. Make sure the door frames and hinges are secure.

You must also make sure to replace the locks on the doors before moving into a residence that was previously occupied by someone else. That way, you won’t have strangers outside your home with a key, and you can make sure your locks are the best available.

Windows are sometimes fitted with flimsy latches from manufacturers that aren’t always strong enough. In the event that your window latches don’t look appealing, consider securing them with locks or levers that can be operated with a key. There’s more you can do.

In order to reinforce these critical entry points, here are some quick measures.

  • Consider installing a deadbolt in your door and if necessary, put a strike plate there.
  • Replace your existing locks with smart locks.
  • Adding a video doorbell will increase your security.
  • Another good idea to help make your windows burglar-proof is to have a camera on them.
  • You can install sensors to detect glass breakage through windows or glass.
  • For an extra added effect, you can decorate windows with prickly plant bushes. 

2. Keep the surroundings of your house lighted up

Criminals avoid getting too much attention. Ample outdoor lighting will keep the bad guys at bay. Consider lighting your front and back yards, pathways, garage, and other open outside areas. If you make intruders wary of your front steps, they will be less dangerous, and will be reluctant to take the next move. You can increase the effectiveness of your outdoor security with these tips.

  • Lighting that is motion-activated is a good idea.
  • Install solar-powered lights for energy saving.
  • Use a timer to control outdoor lighting.

3. Set up a security system and indoor/ outdoor security cameras

Security cameras have thwarted burglaries in the past. A home security solution like this can serve as a deterrent, as well as a way to obtain justice. Homes should have a security system, no matter how ordinary or top-notch. Your budget will allow you to keep some form of a security system that will offer the needed protection. For starters, you can install a mini spy camera in the front of your home that will allow you access to view the front porch and doorway. We recommend the Mini Spy Camera by SIRGAWAIN that comes with a night vision and is easy to hide. 

Often after many precautionary measures the thieves manage to get inside your home, and unfortunately sometimes we invite them inside ourselves by trusting third parties into our home. In case of safety, add an indoor portable camera to keep your interiors in check. Ring Indoor Cam is one of the top choice as the device can be controlled and combined with Alexa device and will allow video recording as well. 

4. Get rid of hiding places

The greenery outside the house such as trees and shrubs may add to the aesthetics, but they are also convenient hiding places for burglars. Make sure to get rid of large hovering trees and big plants around the house that can be used as a cover. Instead, you can opt for smaller flowers and bushes (prickly if necessary) to make it hard for the intruders. If you don’t have the heart to cut down your beloved trees, you can at least add hidden cameras and reinforced them with extra security. The rest of your home’s exterior is just as important and the front yard. 

Here are a few pointers that you can practice for added precautions.

  • Make sure stools and ladders are put away after use.
  • Make sure to lock gates and sheds.
  • Don’t leave expensive goods lying around the yard to attract thieves.

5. Hire security guards

Evaluate your neighborhood and your house’s needs to determine the best system for you. If you live in a secluded neighborhood, you can also hire a personal security guard that will guard the fence from intruders. For added protection, provide the guard with precautionary tools to protect not just the assets inside the house but also the lives. Bushmaster BB Air Rifle is a full-sized, full-auto rifle that comes with an adjustable stock. Guards are highly trained and skilled in using protection tools such as rifles and are a valuable asset against attackers.