Headphones Vs. Earphones: What’s Better for You?

Headphones Vs. Earphones: What’s Better for You?

Headphones Vs. Earphones: What’s Better for You?

The factor that marks the most significant difference between Headphones and Earbuds is the advent of technology. The more technology is transforming; tech experts are introducing more variations. 

Meanwhile, design is another major factor that makes a difference between headphones and earphones. The headphones’ outer case is designed to embrace the outer side of the ears, whereas the earphones can enter into the ear canal quickly. 

The earphones are made with foam, rubber, silicone, and ear-tips that easily fit into the ear. 

Here, we will conduct a thorough review of the difference between headphones and earphones regarding holistic factors. 


Headphones are likely to feature huge drivers that include 40mm to 50mm, whereas the range of earphones is likely to differ from 7mm to 15mm. Hence, headphones provide a better and comparatively softer bass and steadier performance within the entire audio cycle. However, the music in headphones releases more of a voluminous sound and adds absorption vibes into the music. Although, you can easily catch even the soft sounds on tones with the width of the musical mix. 


The headphones operate diversely when it comes to ambient noise. Thus, there is this inactive and active noise cancellation. However, the technology also assists in recognizing the static sound that releases outside and changes the stage of released sound waves. Technically, there exists the latter that stop waves and headphones are generally noise cancellation based. It shows that headphones are not likely to let any external noise that steals the listening experience. However, for this using good quality headphones like; Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is mandatory.

Ear Comfort 

Headphones with good quality acquire soft cushions that are designed with premium material. However, this is likely to provide a snug yet comfortable closure. Even if the user wears it for too long, still ears will be pain-free, and no fatigue will occur in the head. 


Headphones are likely to come in bulk size but, some headphones are compact and can be folded easily. Hence, carrying such headphones is more accessible as same as taking earphones is. Overall, the portability of the headphones or earphones depends on the set user is choosing. 

For workouts or sports

When choosing between headphones or earphones during a workout, people are likely to select headphones and consider them ideal. The headphones contain a seal that blocks ambient noise, yet this helps an athlete focus more on exercise or their tasks. Moreover, the headset stays on the head, does not move during push-ups, and is also considered sweatproof. Comparatively, the earphones have more chances of slipping off during the workout and can get affected due to sweating. 

Headphones & Earphones, Both Can Damage Hearing 

Both; earphones and headphones even if it is Apple Airpods, can damage hearing ability as the human brain is likely to trigger that volume level, and the length of the exposure affects more than the listening device does. Noise that is induces hearing loss has turned into the most significant issue and can create massive damage around like heavy traffic noise, music concerts, sirens, etc. Unlike other noises that are unavoidable, such as noises that occur at the workplace, streets. 

So What’s Better: Headphones or Earbuds? 

If we analyze comparatively, we can say that headphones can create minor damage than earphones. Although, since the earbuds sit right inside the ears and are likely to stay near the ear canal, it naturally enhances the volume through 9 decibels. As experts analyzed that headphones are not inserted inside the ears; thus, it has less possibility of causing damage to ears. 

Moreover, it is also observed that headphones can block more background sound and lower the frequency of mixed sounds. But, it is observed that most people are likely to opt for the option of headphones. It is mainly because earphones are readily available and likely to cost cheaper than headphones. 

It’s Not All About the Headphones 

Even though headphones work better, the fact that we cannot overlook is that headphones can damage your ears as well. Assure your health is not being impacted, keep the rule of 60-60 in your mind, and make sure that your volume is on a 60% level. It also helps ensure that the volume level is not prolonged enough and does not damage hearing ability. Apart from this, another rule of thumb is that your volume is loud if you can only focus on your headphone’s sound. So, make sure to keep everything in mind and then choose your device.