Seven Habits That All Freelancer Must Have

Seven Habits That All Freelancer Must Have

Seven Habits That All Freelancer Must Have

Freelancing is not about freedom; many of you confuse flexibility with liberty. The biggest flaw occurs—freelancing demands similar ethics and dedication as usual 9 to 6 job demands. 

Perceptively built sense of freedom make people assume that freelancing is a matter of minutes. Well, the case is entirely different; once your experience, you will understand that freelancing is a hard nut to crack, where you have to give all your best yet still has to deal with failures. 

You must be wondering what factors other than the core skills you need to learn or acquire as a freelancer. So, in that case, give this piece of writing a thorough read because here, we will share seven habits that all freelancers must have.   

Let’s begin! 

Discipline of Commitment 

Working under the supervision of a manager can surely keep you on track, but working on your own requires a lot to stick with your commitments and to cope with procrastination: freelancers are likely to confront this issue, resulting in losing the trust of customers. However, to avoid this problem, it is necessary to structure your routine in a planned way and always prioritize your tasks. If you are looking for tactics of how to start freelancing then, mind that self-discipline is the first step towards success.  

Communication Skills Matter 

During your freelance journey, you all need to know that you are the one-person army, and you have to deal with everything on your own. From reaching clients to onboarding and assisting from time to time, this needed to be done too accurately. For this, having good communication skills is essential because how you communicate and help clients matters equally. Be it about messages, emails, or any other related way of communication, you need to make sure that you have a persuasive tone, clear thoughts, and the selection of words is perfect. 

Professional Work Experience 

Experts are likely to suggest people first take job experience and then switch freelancing as this can create a lot of mess and transform your overall journey into a negative experience. Hence, it is safe first to take exposure from a professional environment, learn how to handle pressure, get tips on conflict management, and start your freelance journey. Because most clients only trust freelancers who can multitask and have prior experience in the professional world. While it goes on both ways, if you plan to switch to freelancing from your regular, do not make an instant switch. First, experience the struggle and then move ahead. 

Active Listening is Necessary 

They say communication is the key but, only experts will tell you that being an active listener is the key. You can communicate professionally and satisfy your clients, but you are surely missing the most significant chunk if you don’t know how to read between the lines. So, along with being a good communicator, make sure you are an active listener too. This way, you can better understand the insight of your clients and can meet their expectations accordingly. Moreover, being prompt and wise with your responses is another must-have thing you need to be careful with while freelancing. 

Be A Tech-Savvy Professional 

This era is sharpening its edges with digital transformation, and it has become essential for everyone to stay updated with the latest technology. The more you are familiar with technology and its updates, the more positive impression you will craft on your client. However, the influence of technology also provides better growth and exposure opportunities. From managing emails to uploading your data, make sure you are using a tech-savvy professional rather than just a simple person with good work skills. 

Learn Conflict Management Beforehand 

Conflicts are a part of work-life, whether you are serving as a freelancer or doing an in-house job. Your clients will give you a tough time, and this needs a high level of acceptance. Though, to make your attempts successful, you need to ensure that you are managing conflicts accordingly. Delay in your response can result in the most significant conflict, or maybe, slight negligence may turn your happy client into an angry person. Be prepared for all this and make sure you are managing it well, with patience and professionalism.   


Freelancing may seem like a straightforward approach but, the journey is full of hurdles and roller coaster rides. Here, you need to ensure that each of your steps is leading towards success and not failure. However, you can face failed attempts but, mind that behind each failed attempt, there is a hidden lesson. Along with your technical skills, assure to enhance your soft skills and go ahead with confidence and productivity.