Things to Check Before Buying Wireless Earbuds or Earphones

Things to Check Before Buying Wireless Earbuds or Earphones

The trend of wireless earbuds is getting viral and tech-savvy people cannot resist getting their hands on a pair of this new creation. These newly trending wireless earphones have turned into a symbol of comfort and convenience, let’s give a big shout out to all tech experts for coming up with such an amazing creation. 

With wireless earbuds you don’t have to hassle to plug in your phone and then take it out again, either if you are not using it, wireless earbuds make it easy to carry them throughout the time and can be used for calling purposes, to listen to a song or to play audios. 

Sound quality 

All wireless earbuds can of course play music and can connect your calls but not each one has good quality and this is what matters most. It is always a good option to either take a quick glimpse at reviews or to take the hands-on experience to check the sound quality. If the sound quality is as same as those earphones with wire have like the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 then why invest a lot of your money? Just let it go! 

One restricting component can be the codec that is used when the music is transferred over Bluetooth to the headphones. However, the standard Bluetooth codec and SMC is all good to go but most of the times people prefer aptX, AAC, and also aptX HD. Wondering whether your phone supports the quality and you can easily enjoy your tunes along with minimal compression and approximately all CD levels of sound quality. 

Battery life

The small size of the newly crafted wireless headphones indicates that the battery life is quite restricted. However, it is still suggested to always check on the battery before making a purchase so that you can have a better experience of using wireless headphones, instead of being interacted with low charging again and again. Though the battery life of the headphones also depends on the usage because, if you are purchasing the one with highly advanced features then there is the probability that the headphones might end up having a low battery instantly because of the usage power. 

For instance, if you are using your earphones for healthy fitness then the battery life would last for a jogging purpose or even for a long walk but, surely wouldn’t be a suitable choice for a marathon. So, make a wise choice. Moreover, Apple’s basic Airpods are likely to have battery life for around five hours and are considered as a better choice, by the majority.

Most truly the earphone that has no wire comes with a case of charging such as; Apple Airpods with a Charging case that gives an instant top-up which can increase the life of the battery from specific hours into days. This can also transform two hours of battery life into more bearable, as far as one can find a relatable break within which the case can be used. 

Comfort and Stability 

Comfort and stability play equal roles however, the level of comfort may vary from person to person and for this, you can check reviews of different buyers that can help you in knowing about the stability and durability of the earphones. 

However, the comfortability can also be evaluated through the design and its functionality. The earphones with small shapes and lighter weight can be the best go-to choice for everyone.

Onboard Storage 

There are some wireless earphones such as; Samsung Gear IconX and also Bragi Dash that comes with attached onboard storage and permits a user to listen to music easily (this can also help on tracking your fitness) even if you do not have your phone. 

So, if the health-tracking feature is your first priority then prefer the ones that have onboard storage counts. While 2GB to 4GB would be enough to come up with a perfectly running playlist. 

Software & Usability

Diverse in-ear headphones are likely to take distinct approaches to software. However, a few of the headphones would actually don’t demand anything to get installed on your device whereas, some would be required to be paired as same as other headphones with Bluetooth demand. Though, there are many other headphones as well that has more features and are likely to require customized applications and updates along the quality of such apps can vary substantially. 

Here, we would again say that opting for the option of checking on the reviews can be your best option as, it can help in identifying the set of in-ears and would assist you in finding a good pair, as per your expectation. 


On the whole, this can be said that wireless in-ear headphones are in demand and are developing market. This on the same site indicates that prices may get high in the upcoming time. However, to grab a bargain, you might have to spend a little more time on research to know which ones are being sold at the least prices and with good features. 

Nevertheless, you can expect to pay around £125, specifically for decent pair of wireless earphones and for the premium ones you are supposed to pay £250 or maybe more than that. 

In a nutshell, we would suggest you always check each and everything before making a purchase. An impulsive purchase of tech gadgets may create troubles later so, it’s better to play safe and to check reviews and other relative details before finalizing your decision.