Three Best Smartphones to Invest on in the Year 2021

Three Best Smartphones to Invest on in the Year 2021

In the present time, investing your money in the right place matters equally. Even if you are purchasing a phone and not making a wise decision then you might end up throwing away your money, all in vain. 

However, the emerging competition in the market is making the decision-making process quite difficult for everyone and people are finding it tough to decide which one to buy; Android or iOS. The advent of technology is offering plenty of choices to users and to make your choice process easy, here we will suggest the best smartphones of 2021 that you can purchase, without going down in doubtful thoughts. 

Apple iPhone 12

Recently Apple has launched its new variations of the iPhone 12 and potential customers are eagerly waiting to switch on the new launch of the brand. However, regardless of all options available, experts suggest that this traditional yet stylized model of Apple is still a perfect pick. iPhone 12 that is initially costing around $830 for around 64GB model, is the best smartphone for the majority of people. However, this new launch of Apple is as same as the previous ones. 

This counts on; processor, wireless charging facility, similar type of Face ID system and quite similar 5G support. However, it also includes a high-quality front camera and the option of wide-angle rear cameras, which is also available in iPhone 12 Pro. Though, its price is less than the Pro so, if the camera is your priority then this can be your safer choice. 

Moreover, the iPhone 12 also works on balancing huge screens along with a manageable size. Moreover, the entire iPhone 12 is a convenient option for almost everyone as it is offering high-level performance, functional design, advanced features and long-term battery life that is too in less price as compared to 12 Pro or either Apple iPhone 11.

Samsung Galaxy S21 ULTRA 

If you are a tech-bug and prefer updating your phones, meanwhile price and size is not your concern then no other choice could be as better as Samsung Galaxy S21 ULTRA is. The phone is designed with a broad screen size of 6.8 inches and has the best camera results that one can have in an android phone. 

On top of that, S21 Ultra also has the latest specs along with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor that serves as the fastest, one can ever have on Android. Moreover, it also displays support for the S pen feature that styluses if one likes using a phone screen with a pen. However, for a pen, you might have to pay extra. Besides this, the refresh rate of the screen and automatic gives a satisfactory yet smooth scrolling experience. Whereas the battery life lasts longer than your expectations, of course for around 12 to 13 hours. Just like the Apple iPhone X.

However, Samsung has crafted its S21 with little upgrades in design that includes the alignment of metal rail that creates a natural curve into the camera and shapes out a little bump on the backside. So, if we talk about the phone with a big screen then no other choice could be as better as the S21 Ultra. Though, at this stage, no accurate statements can be given regarding the software updates or addition of any advent feature.  

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 

However, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus is still not able to beat the competition level of S21 Ultra yet still we are adding this to our to-buy list of 2021. Although the regular Galaxy S21 has a widescreen with the measurement of 6.2 inches and costs $800 while Samsung S21 Plus is made with a 6.7-inch screen that too starts at $1,000. On the whole, both of the phones have frequently discounted prices with either a huge drop in prices or another case with the choices and can be a perfect option for the ones who are looking for discounted prices. 

In line with this, Galaxy S21 Plus and S21 are identical in terms of design so, in this case, you will not be having any perks. While only three big differences can add a spark of ‘perks’ (only if you are willing to have any). This counts on; the size of the battery and screen, also material type. Comparatively to Apple iPhone XR.

Moreover, the brand has also reshaped with the most significant part that is, a processor which is quite similar to Snapdragon 888 as the Ultra is. This indicates that the series of S21 might last longer without getting slow in terms of functionality. 


The list of good-to-buy smartphones is too long but, we have chosen the most reliable yet safest options for everyone. If you are the one who is willing to invest in the new phone and was confused about which one to buy, then select any one of the aforementioned ones and bookmark our site to stay updated with tech news.