freelance websites are a safe haven for those who like to earn money within the safe comfortable boundaries of their home, or even for those who don’t mind earning extra bucks aside from their full-time jobs. Freelance websites also give you the opportunity to earn experience in a second task. Millions of people are taking daily advantage of the daily digital industry as it blooms with its followers. The freelancing industry is booming, and digital nomads are a growing trend.

It is possible for people in almost any trade to find freelance work, whether they work on location or remotely. There are guides on how to land gigs as a freelancer, but it’s way more complex than simply creating a profile on a popular platform. You can start by establishing your portfolio to find work as a freelancer on some of the best sites online. You can even use the platform to make your portfolio more enticing to clients by providing all of the tools that you need.

So without much delay, let’s find out which are the top 3 freelance websites you can work with:

1. Fiverr

Fiverr lands as number one on our list as this freelance platform connects workers with those looking for services related to digital projects, such as designing websites, writing content, and voice-over production. 

Using this freelance website, freelancers and businesses can contact one another in a streamlined manner. A freelancer’s services are called gigs, their services are called sellers, and business owners are called buyers. 

Rather than bid, sellers can list their gigs, set their prices, and get feedback. The buyer can browse various categories to find the product they want. 

In addition to charging a buyer’s account, the system also holds the money. Following this, 80% of the amount will be sent to freelancers as a commission.

There is a 14-day withdrawal window, depending on the seller level of each freelancer. Payments can be withdrawn using a debit card, wire transfer, or PayPal among other options.


Toptal is a freelance website that connects companies with experts in a variety of industries. It is mainly for freelancers who have a lot of experience. You will find a wide variety of freelancing options, from designers to financial advisors. 

To get access to the best clients, with significant work and competitive compensation packages, you need to complete and pass a screening process. Toptal only accepts high-quality, tested, and interviewed applicants, so their talent pool is very valuable. In addition to hosting technical events, Toptal freelancers also organize community gatherings.

For a freelancer to join Toptal, the screening process consists of five steps, starting with a thorough English evaluation and ending with a project evaluation. The process ensures you can only access the platform if you are among the top 3%. 

If you finish all the steps, you’ll have access to prime job postings from reputable companies. However, if you fail the test, your application process may be suspended for a couple of months.

Toptal has a service named ‘TopTracker’ that lets users track time and invoice clients. This service allows freelancers to receive the full price of their work. Payment can be made through PayPal, Payoneer, or through a bank transfer.


There are millions of freelancers and clients throughout the world that are connected to each other via Upwork. There is a wide range of categories available on the platform. You can choose your desired category from accounting, web designing, digital marketing, customer services, or software development. 

The freelance marketplace connects clients and freelancers through job posting and talent hiring, as well as buying services through a project catalog. On the other hand, freelancers can offer their services to clients on the job board feature on Upwork.

You must create a profile with Upwork before you can become a freelancer. Make sure the cover letter includes detailed information about yourself, your experience, and your expertise. Any time you bid for a job or present a project, make sure your profile is readable by clients.

You’re paid based on your work hours, so the more you will give hours to the website, the less you will have to pay. As you receive more money, the commission fee gradually decreases. Withdrawals can be made by direct transfer, PayPal, or wire transfer.