Top 4 Staycation Rental Websites for Travelers

Top 4 Staycation Rental Websites for Travelers

If you are planning your next staycation and looking for reliable spaces to spend enjoyable vacations, then you are at the right place. 

Even if you are travelling to another country for a month stay and unable to find a suitable place to stay then no need to worry. We know that accommodation is one of the biggest challenges that people are likely to confront during their trip plans. 

Here, we are going to suggest some of the best websites that you can use to rent out your space before travelling. 


HomeAway is an online marketplace that offers rental places for visitors. The site is known for its diverse rental options and has around 190 countries added to its list. Whereas the secured payment processes and options for the immediate booking marks this site an exceptional choice for all travellers. At HomeAway, you can get extensive features of rental places along with the maps, and ambience pictures. 

Apart from the accommodation facilities, the site is likely to offer the best payment methods to its potential customers. So from now, you don’t have to run after agents to get your space booked. Just go through the HomeAway, look at all of the available spaces, select the one that falls within your budget and expectations; now you are good to go with your choice. 


Where HomeAway takes the pride of being best among rest, on the same side, Airbnb is known as the most trustable site that people use to get their rental spaces booked. Airbnb is leading within the real estate business for its offered facilities and choices. The site is known for hosting and for offering around five million properties that are initially listed in more than 81,000 locations, internationally. 

However, the site is also user-friendly that has a sleek design and features that are likely to make it convenient for the users to look for their accommodation places without getting indulge in any kind of scam. Besides this, if you are the owner of the property and willing to rent it out for visitors then this facility is also being provided by this site. All you need to do is, click on the site, fulfil the requirements and let the professionals of Airbnb reach your visitors. The site is a two-way bridge for both; visitors and property owners. 


The VRBO is affiliated with HomeAway that facilitate all travellers with the rental spaces and help each one to get connected with their hosts. The best thing about the VRBO is that the platform keeps it all open for feedbacks and reviews and each the word of mouth is valued. Overall the VRBO has a wide reach on around 2 million listings that are too throughout the world, and specifically, the site sponsors apartments and homes that can be booked as a shared space too. 

On top of that, this site too serves as a gateway for the host companies. The brand helps all of the property owners to get connected with the people who are looking for reliable places to accommodate or students who are looking for affordable spaces to rent out or moving abroad for studies. For a better experience, the website also offers virtual assistance. 


This could be the last one on the list but, the site is worth visiting specifically if you are planning your holidays and don’t want to spend much on accommodation. TripAdvisor has its access throughout the world and has more reach to the places that are nearest to tourist spots. The professionals of the site also give quick responses and prompt assistance to users. 

Moreover, another best thing about TripAdvisor is that it has an application that makes it more convenient for the users to keep a recorded track of the reservation dates and to keep their calendars updated. Also, it is also best for businesses who need to get their spaces booked for urgent corporate visits and even for frequent travellers. Here you can pay and book a room instantly, without letting your time gets wasted. 

Aforementioned we have listed all of the websites that are reliable and trustable enough for the travellers, to use for space booking purposes.