Ultimate TV Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best TV

Ultimate TV Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best TV

Ultimate TV Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best TV

Television is an essential part of the household and, to some extent, a best friend of the family. So, make sure you choose the best ones; after all, you will spend quality time binge-watching. 

Buying TV is not less than a challenge; the increasing demand has leveraged both; big brands and looters. Deciding according to cost can cost you a lot while choosing according to features is another big struggle. 

Hence, to make it easy, we will write a thorough guide on choosing the best TV. Count on the steps that you need to follow before investing: 

Set Your Price Range

It would be best to keep in mind that buying a TV is a long-term investment; it’s good to make a wise decision on the first attempt. The high budget you will set, the better feature-based TV you can purchase. 

TV prices have decreased a lot in previous years, but the features and functionality have been increased with time. So, this will not cost you a lot, and you can quickly get smart TV without going too heavy on your pocket. If you plan to buy a 42 inch, 4K smart TV, you are loaded with around each bell and whistle conceivable. Just in case, if you can spend more, then feel free to bring an almost similar thing but that you can get at a screen size of 65 to 75 inches. So, let’s keep it short and on point; the more significant your budget will be, the giant TV you will have. 

Choose Your TV Size 

If you are a family of 4 or 5 then, bigger is better. Not only this, even if you are more into the gaming world or likes binge-watching then, going more significant with the screen choice is a must-to-do thing. If you pay heed to reviews then, you will know that everyone would suggest you go bigger. Gone are the days when TV was limited to news channels. Now, Netflix and unlimited media choices have transformed TV from a familiar, entertaining source to a never-ending fun time.  

So, if you are moving from a big, flashy black box to a flat and slim screen, choose your TV size for instance, choosing TCL 32-inch Class 3-Series in a small size room can make your space congested. Here, takes this brownie tip, and instead of only focusing on the screen size, make sure you are choosing your TV according to your room size as well. It’s better to be careful than to regret later. On top of that, when it comes to screen selection, ensure that you do not include frame size or corners. 

Choose OLED or LED

However, the OLED functions more like a win-win strategy. If we focus on the features, then both are good to go, but OLED offers high-quality pictures and is a bit expensive when it comes to comparison. However, comparatively, 4K LED TV also provides a spectacular experience while the LED costs less than the OLED in terms of prices. 

The first plasma was introduced afterward; the LCD came, which turned into a superb viewers’ choice. Later on, LCD was introduced with exceptional features that made viewers go crazy, especially the gamers. Overall, keep in mind that LED and OLED are both panel technology, and you can choose any of the ones that seem an excellent choice to you. In the present time, Sony XBR85Z8H 85 inch Z8H 8K Full Array LED Smart TV can be your smart choice.

Choose Your TV Resolution

Before you jump onto the bandwagon or take anyone’s advice randomly, ensure that you focus on several pixels and screen resolution together. The higher the pixels, the more your image will have; sharp, better, and precise results.

Back in the time, the resolution of televisions was not used to be high, but then, HDTV was introduced along with high pixels. This began from 1 million pixels to moving to 2 million pixels. So now, choosing TV has become a matter of distinguishing resolutions of TV according to pixels. 


In a nutshell, selecting your TV is all about keeping the factors you expect to have in mind. Some of the brands may cost you a little bit high, but the offered product will justify the cost. However, the choice of features, size, and screen dimensions depend on person to person, so the choice of each may differ. Make a wise choice, and don’t let your investment go all in vain.